Success With Sunrise - You Deserve To Make More, Keep More, Enjoy It More

Dental Practice Management that Works

As dental practice management consultants, Sunrise Dental Solutions works with dental practices to blend the clinician, the businessperson, and the human being. We analyze the entire practice and custom tailor a plan that is designed to provide outstanding productivity and profitability. This plan is a model for long term growth and business excellence. Consulting services are provided in each clients office rather than a seminar setting. This provides hands on training that ensures successful implementation. After in office consulting is completed, Sunrise Dental Solutions provides exceptional follow-up that assures long term implementation and success.

Who Is Sunrise Dental Solutions?

We are not a one size fits all dental consulting company. We work with all sizes of practices, from the solo practitioner to the multi-doctor, single location practices and/or multi locations, fee for service to managed care practices, start-ups to transitions. We work with a variety of strategic partners to ensure our clients are getting the finest counsel on subjects from human resources to financial and transition strategies. Our clients are paired with a coach that is a practicing dentist, for a monthly coaching call and advice, as needed.
  • We Practice What We Preach

    Sunrise Dental Solutions is a company that not only is owned and managed by two partners who have nearly 40 years of teaching, consulting, and coaching experience, but also, one of those partners, Dr. Tony Feck, continues to be a practicing dentist.

  • We Give You Personal Attention 24/7

    You will have unlimited access to the partners, and unlimited support from the entire Sunrise Dental Solutions team. As practice management consultants, we help teach you what the numbers mean for your success on a daily, monthly and an annual basis. Let us help guide you on your day-to-day and month-to-month management of your practice. Let us provide the team training and support that you need to exceed your professional and financial goals.

  • Our On-Site Training Program

    Our on-site training program assists our clients in reaching their goals and enables them to Make More, Keep More and Enjoy It More!

  • Profit is KING - We Focus On What You Take Home As Well As What You Produce

    All of our clients recognize the value of a practice management consulting company that focuses on profit, and not just producing more or working harder. Imagine being associated with a group of success minded individuals of this caliber who are also interested in your success, as well.

  • Value For Your Hard Earned Money

    No other practice management company can give you all that we offer for what we charge...just compare the numbers! After all, if we’re truly about making you more profitable, why would you have to take out a loan just to get started? Work with a consulting company that is owned by a dentist, for the dentist.

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