Strategic Winning Attitude Team Training

Strategic Winning Attitude Team Training

The result is that the practice becomes the place where patients not only accept treatment, but accept, value and appreciate the team that delivers that treatment.  This forms the foundation of the trust-based practice.

The SWAT Team Training is a course designed for practices who want to develop this kind of team-driven, trust-based, relationship-centered service – a level of service leading to exceptional treatment acceptance and the “Raving Fans” for which we all strive.  It is this excellence in service and communication that brings personal satisfaction and joy in dentistry; and a team that works for a purpose, not a paycheck.

You will learn:

  • To create a culture where the entire team is motivated and believes in your purpose.
  • The people skills to understand each patient as a unique individual.
  • How to build rapport quickly and honestly without gimmicks.
  • To uncover your patient’s unspoken concerns and desires.
  • How to facilitate your patients through their obstacles rather than “convincing” them.
  • To appreciate each other and find more satisfaction from every day at the office.
  • Relationship and leadership abilities that will be beneficial far beyond dentistry.

Join us for a program filled with great attitudes, laughter, camaraderie, and of course excellence in learning. “The SWAT Team” is a high energy, two-day program designed to provide a complete concept ready to be implemented Monday Morning. Please contact Sunrise Dental Solutions for more information.

Upcoming S.W.A.T Dates

  • January 26th-27th, 2018 – San Antonio, TX
  • May 4-5th, 2018 – Denver, CO


Do it now! Wish I had access to this information years ago. My practice would be much different.
– Dr. Griffith’s office, Prestonsburg, KY


Absolutely the best course I have ever had, and so valuable in even my personal life.
Dr. Herrington’s office, Carthage, MO


A great way to unite a team and improve your practice by tips and tools to better know your patients, figure out what they are wanting, and for better case acceptance.
– Dr. Hiebert’s office, Lowell, AR


This course will not only benefit your work life, but your whole life! It will give you the skills to be a better person.
– Dr. Baker’s office, Lancaster, OH

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