COO or Office Manager?

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How is a chief operating officer (COO) different from an office manager, and do you need one for your dental practice?

Most small businesses of a similar size to dental practice’s don’t necessarily need a chief operating officer — but I believe that some dental practices do.

Though the dentist may be the owner of the practice, ultimately responsible for everything that happens, they are highly trained for treating patients, and the more time they spend treating patients and not having to worry about non-patient related needs of their practice, the more patients they can treat and the more money the practice makes.

While your office manager handles the day to day running of the practice, a COO will oversee marketing strategies, collect and analyze data, and manage team leaders who look after their own areas. A COO doesn’t even need to have a background in the dental industry, though it can help, but a good business background is great. They are looking at budgets, profit centers, and marketing so that you can focus on leadership, treating patients, or just getting some well-deserved free time.

It’s even a good idea to use your COO to insulate you from negative interaction with staff. Many dentists we’ve worked with struggle to clean house when needed, making poor business decisions because their emotions or concern for their work relationships were factors. A good COO will save you from yourself.

How do I find a COO?

A good COO is a partner that you can trust with your practice, and they are extremely valuable to your well being down the road. However, recruiting great talent in this area can be a challenge. It might be expensive, and if you’re bringing on someone new, it might take a few tries to find that special someone.

I prefer a different route. Sunrise Dental Solutions wants to help you groom your own COO. Do you have an office manager or administrator that can work as your trusted sidekick? Rather than bringing on a new unknown, upgrade your office manager into a fully-fledged Chief Operating Officer, expanding their responsibilities and role within the practice.

Sunrise Dental Solutions COO Seminar

We know the value of a good COO, so we’ve developed training to help your most valuable player grow into their new role.

With our Chief Operating Officer Seminar, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to be an approachable, walk-around manager
  • Balancing the roles of team leader vs. team member
  • Creating a positive environment
  • How to develop a cohesive team
  • Effective communication
  • Running effective meetings
  • Discovering profit “leaks”
  • Updating personnel policies and handbooks
  • Keeping to the vision of the practice

When: January 18-19, 2018
Where: Las Vegas, NV

You can learn more and register for the seminar here.

You might already have the perfect COO right under your nose. Sunrise Dental Solutions can give them the right tools to become the perfect Chief Operating Officer for your dental practice.


~Linda O’Grady

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