Dental Management Consulting

We start by determining whether you are a good candidate for our dental coaching program. We do this by providing you with a complimentary preliminary practice analysis and consultation. This analysis will clarify the areas in which you excel and also the areas which need improvement.

Are you routinely closing cases that are $10,000 or higher? Are you leaving money on the table?

Tell us about your practice

Notice:Confidentiality Statement this form and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed. In return any information that is shared with Sunrise Dental Solutions is kept confidential to the individual at all times.



Office phone number:


Cell phone number:


Email address:


List all Providers (Dentists, Hyginiests) in the pracitce.

    • NAME
    • Avg. # of days worked/month
    • Avg. Daily Production


Rate the following practice attributes using a scale of 1-101 = this area is a severe challenge for the practice; 10 = the practice is rarely equaled in this area

Facility Have Enough Team Members
Scheduling Efficiently to Reach Goal Have High Quality Team Members
Productive Treatment Mix Case Acceptance
Appropriate Fees for Quality of Care Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Working Enough Days to Reach Goals Have Enough New Patients
Clinical speed (efficiency in the clinic) Have Enough High Quality New Patients

Please answer following questions.

  • Are Cancellations/Failures an issue in the Practice?



  • What Percentage of Dentistry Produced is Collected?

  • Does the Practice Participate in any PPOs, HMOs?

  • What Percentage of Collections are Collected at Time of Service or in Advance?

  • Financial Arrangements Signed Before Treatment an Implemented Policy?

  • What was the Average Monthly Production for the last 6 months?

  • What was the Average Monthly Collections for the last 6 months?

  • How Much Delinquent Accounts Receivables Fall into the Following Categories?

    31-60 Days $

    61-90 Days $

    Over 90 Days

  • # of team members:






  • Size of your facility?

    # of operatories

    Potential for growth

  • How many New Patients does the Practice Average per Month?

  • What do you feel are your biggest Strengths as a Practice?

  • What Do You Feel Are Your Biggest Weaknesses As A Practice?

  • What Would You Like To See Happen In Your Practice Over The Next Year?

  • What’s Standing In The Way Of This Happening?