Halloween — The Dentist’s Favorite Holiday

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Is Halloween a dental nightmare for you and your team? It doesn’t have to be! If done correctly, Halloween is an opportunity to run a successful marketing campaign.

You can be the talk of the town while simultaneously helping your patients and giving your business a nice little boost. It’s all about putting a successful spin on Halloween that will help everybody win.

Halloween Candy Buyback

Here’s how the operation works.

  1. Put out the word. Use your social media, newsletters, and email lists to let everyone know about your candy buyback operation. We are obviously doing the event for the sake of the children’s dental health, and dedicated trick-or-treaters will come back with much more candy than they really need. The children can then trade their candy for cash.

  2. Collect the candy. After Halloween, candy sellers can swing by the practice to seal the deal. You’ll want to set times for this up to a week after Halloween, and be sure your office is ready for the extra workload. The candy will need to be weighed and payouts ready to go.

  3. Use your opening. Once you have bodies in the door, this is the time to upsell services, schedule cleanings, and give out promotional items, such as toothbrushes or coupons. Other businesses can help sponsor your event, donating coupons, samples, and other goodies to the cause.

  4. Donate to charity. What do you do with all that candy? Donate it to someone who will appreciate it. The most common avenues for candy donations are Operation Gratitude, Operation Stars and Stripes, Operation Shoebox, and Any Soldier, all of which send care packages to deployed soldiers or veterans. If you want to go another route, the Ronald McDonald House will donate the candy to the children they serve.

  5. Use the event for a PR win. A few measures like taking good photos, rewarding the biggest candy donation, and tracking total weight, make a candy buyback an easy event to publicize. You can not only post the results on your own blog, but it’s a good idea to send a press release to local news sources to get a possible mention.


It’s popular because it works.

Some of our clients have been doing Halloween candy buy-backs for awhile now. It works from every angle for the practice, and it only takes a little bit of legwork and investment on the front end.

Americans spend billions on Halloween candy. You can help be a part of the practical solution that embraces the joys of trick-or-treating. A candy buyback operation might just be the thing your practice needs to have a frighteningly good Halloween.


~Linda O’Grady

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