On-Site Training Programs

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Our trainers come to you, we train you and your team in your environment. YOU WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR TRAVEL EXPENSES. “SDS” clients experience an increase in profits while making their vision of an “ideal” dental practice and life style a reality. Sunrise Dental Solutions is not an ordinary dental coaching company. The service structure for many coaching organizations is a package program developed for all clients, which means you pay for services and training that may not even be needed or desired by you and your dental practice. Sunrise Dental Solutions structure is “ala carte” which means that we customize a plan just for you, your dental practice, and your dental team. We specialize in fitting all the pieces of your practice and personal goals into one inclusive plan that provides each client with individualized structure and support. We also provide a FREE Dental Practice Perspective form for you and your dental team to view your practice in a new light. Download a copy for you and your team today, completely complimentary. Take the results and put them to work to help improve how new patients view your dental practice!
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    Goal Focused Scheduling

    Create the Perfect Day using the concept of “Goal Focused Scheduling.” This training involves the entire team and will result in an increase in production, a decrease in stress, and a more efficient utilization of time and
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    Systems for reducing your accounts receivable, successful financial arrangements, collecting more over the counter than in the mail, effective insurance billing, verbal skills and having control.
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    The backbone of any practice is systems. Review and refine the systems that contribute to the success of your practice, continuing care, tracking incomplete treatment, and reactivation of inactive patients.
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    “YES” Telephone Training

    Do you know how your phone is being answered? Do all of your new patient calls result in an appointment?
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    Effective Meetings

    Communication is the key to success. Learn how to have productive and positive meetings.
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    Eliminate Cancellations

    Cancellations are the biggest profit buster in dental practices. Learn five easy strategies to eliminate cancellations.
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    The Ultimate Team

    Team Leadership skills from the dentist to the other leaders of the practice. How to create the ultimate team with everyone on the same page, working for the same objectives, and leveraging the dentist so that more can be done, and done better, with less stress and effort.
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    Internal Team Marketing

    “Unanticipated Satisfaction” is the key to referrals from your best patients. Develop consistent strategies to make that happen.
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    Solution “Yes”

    More patients saying “yes” to what they want and need. Solution “Yes” will increase the value of new and existing patients not by teaching tricks, but by time-proven systems for the whole office that mean more productive days to do the dentistry you were trained to provide.
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    C.O.O. — Chief Operating Officer

    Train your office manager to be a C.O.O. Chief Operating Officer. Effective strategies and techniques in a dynamic 1 and ½ day onsite training. Learn how. This training will train your team member to balance their position as leader vs. team member, be proficient in personnel issues, team development, business development, effective communication, cost containment, manage by the numbers and more.