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Questions(Answer “yes”, “no”, or “don’t know” to the following.)




  1. Every provider (doctors and hygienists) has a daily production goal. yes no not_sure
  2. We are consistently scheduled to our daily goal.  yes no not_sure
  3. Both doctor and hygiene schedules are full each day.  yes no not_sure
  4. My team and I are comfortable presenting large cases.  yes no not_sure
  5. Our case acceptance rate is 80% or higher.  yes no not_sure
  6. Our morning meetings are productive and last no longer than ten minutes. yes no not_sure
  7. We hold morning meetings every day with everyone in attendance.  yes no not_sure
  8. We have a system for tracking incomplete treatment. yes no not_sure
  9. We have an effective system for reactivating patients.  yes no null
  10. 95% of our hygiene patients are prescheduled for their next visit.  yes no not_sure
  11. Cancellations are not a problem in my practice.  yes no not_sure
  12. Failures are not a problem in my practice.  yes no not_sure
  13. We provide written, signed financial arrangements for every patient whose treatment is over a pre-established amount. yes no not_sure
  14. My accounts receivable is .60 (60%) of average monthly production, or lower. yes no not_sure
  15. The majority of outstanding balances are in the current (<30 day) category.  yes no not_sure
  16. My >90 day accounts receivable is less than 10% of the total.  yes no not_sure
  17. My team collects at least 50% of all dollars on or before treatment is provided. yes no not_sure
  18. We send a minimal number of statements.  yes no not_sure
  19. I have all of the new patients I need.  yes no not_sure
  20. We consistently “wow” our patients with stellar customer service.  yes no not_sure
  21. Our patients consistently refer their family and friends to the practice.  yes no not_sure
  22. I have very successful internal and external marketing strategies. yes no not_sure
  23. Our telephone is being used as an effective marketing tool.  yes no not_sure
  24. 90% of new patient calls results in an appointment. yes no not_sure
  25. I am fully staffed for the size practice I have.  yes no not_sure
  26. We hold regular team meetings.  yes no not_sure
  27. I have a top quality, well-trained team.  yes no not_sure
  28. My team is on the same path to fulfilling my vision and goals. yes no not_sure
  29. I have a comprehensive, up-to-date office policy manual.  yes no not_sure
  30. I hold regular performance evaluations with all team members.  yes no not_sure
  31. We set aside and budget for frequent team training.  yes no not_sure
  32. Each team member has an up-to-date job description.  yes no not_sure
  33. I’m on schedule to retire when and how I want. yes no not_sure
  34. I prepare an annual budget.  yes no not_sure
  35. I track my monthly expenses and write-offs.  yes no not_sure
  36. I know what my overhead percentage is.  yes no not_sure
  37. I adjust my fees regularly to reflect my cost of doing business.  yes no not_sure