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P3 Endodontics for the Super GP

P3 (Predictable, Proficient, and Profitable) Endodontics For the Super GP

The phrase “Super GP” describes the general dentist who provides a diversified array of services, allowing for maximum production potential. Increasing the general dentist’s proficiency in providing predictable, proficient, and profitable endodontics is arguably the greatest return on expanding a general dentist’s production potential.

The purpose of Dr. William Nudera’s P3 Endodontics course is to optimize in-office endodontic efficiencies for maximum clinical and economical success through the establishment of sound systematic and methodic protocols. This module includes the following objectives:

  1. Develop case selection parameters for maximum efficiency.
  2. Develop basic techniques required to establish a favorable endodontic result.
  3. Establish a protocol for the management of endodontic emergencies.
  4. Evaluate and optimize existing endodontic equipment.
  5. Train the team in their respective roles during endodontic treatment.
  6. Train treatment team on proper 4-handed endodontics.

The comprehensive P3 training will include four components:

  1. Evaluation of current endodontic knowledge.
  2. Clinical observation phase (requires client travel to Chicago).
  3. On-site, “over-the-shoulder” coaching phase (requires travel to the client).
  4. Scheduled individual phone calls.