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Your ROI on Dental Marketing

November 18, 2017

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When you market your dental practice, you have a wide range of options. Whatever path you choose, you need to know your return on investment (ROI) to determine if you should continue doing it or not.

Dentists have to wear a lot of hats. They can simultaneously be a doctor, the HR department, the marketing manager, and the chief financial officer of their practice. While dental school does a great job of preparing you for dentistry, it doesn’t do as much to help you be better at business.


“Google Fu”: Keyword Research for Dentists

August 28, 2017

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What’s in a keyword?

Only the success or failure of your practice. With so much business originating from Google, it’s vital for dentists to utilize a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy if they want to be competitive in their communities.

The Google search bar is the “magic eight ball” of the modern world—it can answer any question. Keywords represent all the phrases that someone searching for your practice might enter when looking for you (or any dentist) online.


Assessing the Competition 101

July 30, 2017

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Is your dental practice struggling to keep up in this new age of competition?

Most dentists have faced greater difficulty in business now than since the Great Recession! In addition to the economic struggles, changes in the way customers find local businesses has changed how dentists need to approach marketing. Dentistry has become more competitive than ever, and to succeed you need to assess your competition to understand how they are beating you.


The Simple Truth About SEO For Dentists

June 28, 2017

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The bottom line is simple: If you want your dental practice to continue growing, you’re going to have to spend time and energy to optimize your presence on the web for search engines. Many dentists fail to act until they have practically disappeared from local search results, buried by competitors in a hyper-local market that have been working on their search engine optimization (SEO).

Four Truths About SEO for Dentists

Truth #1 – Your patients are looking for you online.

The numbers don’t lie.


Local Search Ranking Factors (and Why They Matter to Dentists)

May 23, 2017

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Every day, people make billions of searches in the Google search engine as they look for cat pictures, political news, places to eat, new community events, and even dentists. Digital marketing has replaced phone books and newspaper ads, and what inquiring minds want to know is how do I make my practice rank higher in Google local search results?

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of what happens underneath the hood of the Google engine, let’s take a moment to see how Google became so ubiquitous that it became a verb (i.e. “Google it”).

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