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Customized Dental Consulting:

Sunrise Dental Solutions is not a one-size-fits-all dental consulting company. Sunrise Dental Solutions will customize your on-site dental team training with your specific dental consulting needs in mind. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach — we strive to individualize and tailor our services to your unique dental practice development needs. You and your dental team will learn the essential skills to communicate more effectively, seek greater profitability, improve ROI on marketing efforts and in turn, make your practice vision a reality.
  • Stay Ahead of The Competition
  • Attract New Patients
  • Increase Patient Retention & Referrals
  • Run your Practice as an Efficient, Successful Business
  • Experience a Highly Motivated Team Supporting the Growth of your Practice
  • Enjoy Increased Profits with Less Work and Less Stress
  • Social Media, Marketing Evaluation and Recommendations
  • On-site Assessment and On-site Training
  • Increase Case Acceptance
  • Create a More Satisfying Life

No travel expenses • No contract • Guaranteed Results


  • Name SUrename “Sunrise has given me a great deal and allowed me to enjoy more than I could ever have dreamed. SDS has provided me with the resources to achieve my personal and professional financial goals, in fact, in many cases to exceed them. It has also given me access to the best tools for my team to reach a new level.SDS has enriched my life with life-long friendships and incredible relationships. These relationships, in the end, are what I value the most. It is a group of incredible people. The gathering of the eagles that occurs and the ideas that emerge are the real nuggets that propel me through the year. It restores me and helps encourage me that I can do that too.”Dr. Gary Imm, Westminster, MD.
  • DrTeresaMercado “My experience with Sunrise and their team have been exceptional! Not only have they responded to my concerns and questions, they’ve done so promptly! My team and I are very happy to have made the decision to have Sunrise Dental Solutions be our consultant. We look forward in their guidance to help us grow and prosper!” Dr. Teresa Mercado, Fort Mill, SC
  • DrChristanYates “I have never worked with a company that is more responsive to our needs; Sunrise is always there for us and that includes the owners, Dr. Tony Feck and Linda O’Grady.” Dr. Christian Yaste, Charlotte, NC.
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