Dental Practice Perspective

There's More Than What You Initially See:

Can you solve this puzzle in under 20 seconds?

The challenge is simple: What is the parking space number under the car?

Car in numbered parking lot

If you didn’t get it, you’ll need to shift perspective. View the image upside down and it becomes quite clear; the correct answer is “87”.

All too often we fail to evaluate our dental practice through the eyes of our patients. We, as owners and employees, who dedicate much of our life to the practice and business, have trouble removing our biases and looking at ourselves from the vantage point of our patients.

The Patient Walk-Through Evaluation is an exercise to help you see your dental practice as a new patient, visiting for the first time, would.

We want to see the practice the way they see it, and we begin from the street view and attempt to learn what their initial impressions might be. With our evaluation, you’ll learn:

  • What are a new patient’s pain points?
  • What stands out most about your practice to a new patient visiting for the first time?
  • What areas of your practice could be improved to better that critical first impression?

If you’re ready to stand in the shoes of your patients, download the free Patient Walk-Through Evaluation via the simple form on page to begin analyzing your practice in a new light.

After completing the evaluation, compare your answers against the rest of your team members as a way to discuss what can be learned, and what goals can be set to improve the problem areas that may be identified.

After analyzing your practice, if you’re surprised with the results and want to discuss them in more detail, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Download Your Free Practice Evaluation, Here: