One Day On-Site Training

Selecting a dental practice management consulting company can be a daunting process. The company that you select must work well with you and your team, and have actual experience in the positions and systems on which they will be training your team. Our innovative one day on-site training program offers you an opportunity to “give us a try” with no obligation, and have a training that is specifically selected for you and your team based on your input and the assessment of your trainer. Take our no obligation programs further with a FREE Dental Practice Perspective form to help you and  your team see your practice as a new patient does. Compare notes and improve your dental practice to be the best it can be, and to leave a lasting, positive first impression with new patients.
  • Make 2016 “THE YEAR” that You Spark and Ignite Your Practice


    Elevate Your Practice with a Dynamic One Day On-site Training

  • What You Get

    • Assessment of your practice by an experienced trainer
    • A targeted 4 hour training
    • A practice plan detailing recommendations
    • One month follow-up support

What Customers Say About Our Spark & Ignite Program

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