Preparing Your Dental Practice for Spring Break

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When we evaluate data for dental clients, we review numbers by comparing one month to the same month of previous years (i.e. January 2018 with January 2017), rather than focusing on consecutive months. If you’ve been around the block, you’ll know that dentistry has its annual rhythms.

These rhythms are especially apparent for family or pediatric dentists, as school schedules can significantly influence business. Rather than trying to combat the seasons (a failing venture, if I must say), plan around them. While May and September generally mean lighter schedules, the back-to-school rush in August, the preceding summer vacation, and spring break are generally times to rev up the motors.

Prepare Your Team for Spring Break

How can you use this information for your benefit?

March, just like June and August, are typically high-traffic months for family dentists. During school breaks, expand your hygiene capacity. Whether you have the hygienist work extra days or extended hours, or use dental assistants to help out with prophies or hygiene, you can call in more patient check ups at this time.

The slower months are the time to focus on other hygiene services, such as perio or bleaching. Practice growth lives or dies by the hygiene department. If you want to grow, increase your hygiene capacity during spring break and any other time school is out, and focus on bringing in families for checkups and cleanings.

If your practice does orthodontics, spring break is a perfect time for children to try out their new hardware. It gives them a few days to get used to wearing their braces and learning how to eat around them before returning to school.

All Hands on Deck!

If you know the times when your practice will run a little slower, that’s the time to take your own vacation. When school is out for a break, that’s the time to beef up and prepare for an opportunistic rush.

When planning for events such as performance reviews, team-building activities, continuing education, or just vacation, take the annual ebbs and flows into account. Plan as much as you can as far in advance as possible. These routine events belong in slower seasons, not during spring break.

A regular review of your annual workflow can be immensely helpful. By preparing in advance for spring break, your team can hit great production numbers without being stressed. Spring break is a great test to see how well prepared you are for the busy summer months just down the road, giving you a chance to adjust your processes beforehand.

If you’d like help optimizing your production for spring break, Sunrise Dental Solutions can review your workflow to maximize your business during the crunch.


~Linda O’Grady

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