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Sunrise Dental Solutions founder Anthony S. Feck, DMD

Anthony S. Feck, DMD

Founder, Sunrise Dental Solutions

We Are Not Your Average Dental Consultant

To us, profit is not a 4 letter word. Loss is. If you want to take your dental practice to a level achieved by only a select few, consider joining us. We don't work with broken dental practices. We work with good practices that want to be great practices, and great practices that want to be rarefied air practices. We are a family of the top practices across the United States, led by an unassuming group of seven extremely successful dentists. Expect a team-based approach to measurable growth, and a tight-knit camaraderie of no more than 100 exclusive dental practitioners.

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Real client Christian Yaste DDS
Top 3 cosmetic dentists award

Christian Yaste, DDS Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

Meticulous & Deliberate.
Never by Coincidence.

Success Stories & Changed Lives

“Sunrise has allowed me to enjoy more than I could ever have dreamed. They have provided me with the resources to achieve my personal and professional goals, and in many cases, exceed them. Sunrise has also given me access to the best tools that has allowed my team to reach a new level. They’ve enriched my life with lasting friendships and incredible relationships – and in the end, this is what I value the most. The group of incredible people. The gathering of the eagles. The ideas that emerge. These are the real nuggets that propel me throughout the year and help me realize I can do it, too.”

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Dentist smiling in office

For Dentists, By Dentists.

The constant itch fidgeting in the back of your mind every single day – nudging you to always excel, exceed and do better. You’ve already achieved so much, but something is missing. Maybe you know what it is and just need help. Perhaps you’re too deep into the weeds to see the clearing. If so, let us help figure out what’s holding you back and work together to overcome, outlast and optimize it.

How Our Process Works

We blend the clinician, the businessperson and the human being. We analyze the entire practice, then custom-tailor a blueprint designed to provide outstanding productivity and profitability. Your unique plan becomes the model for long-term growth and will help you achieve true excellence. Our consulting services are provided in each client’s office rather than a seminar setting, providing hands-on training that ensures successful implementation. After in-office coaching is completed, we provide exceptional follow-up that ensures lasting implementation and enduring success.