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Who We Help

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Are you a dentist looking to take your career to the next level? Want to start a practice, buy another one, or improve the one you’re already in? Need help with marketing, your day-to-day systems, or simply want to increase your monthly revenue? If so, then Sunrise Dental Solutions is ready to help YOU. Thanks to our team’s decades of dental/business experience and our completely personalized approach with each client, we’re ready to make your dreams a reality using a variety of proven strategies.

Practice Transitions

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Have you recently bought a practice from another dentist? We can help you transition the marketing, team, and daily systems so it truly becomes your own and is successful from day one. Whether the original dentist is retiring immediately or is still going to be working, we can come up with the perfect strategy to make the transfer as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Selling Your Practice

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Needless to say, selling a dental practice can be stressful. How can you figure out what your practice is actually worth? How can you find the right dentist to buy it so you can rest assured that your patients will be well-taken care of? Our coaches have been there and done this many times before, so they’ll know exactly how to walk you through this process step-by-step. From the initial evaluation all the way until the deed is signed, our team will be with you every step of the way so that both your bottom line and patients will be happy.

Practice Growth

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Practically every dentist is looking to grow their practice, but unlike other consulting companies out there, SDS is ready to help you grow your practice in the particular way you want. Looking to get more moms and families? Want to provide more dental implants or cosmetic dentistry? Want fewer insurance patients? We can help you do all of this and more so that your patient numbers and monthly revenue increase as quickly as possible.

Associate Analysis

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Finding the right associate can be an extremely time-consuming process, and you can’t really give it the attention you need because you have a practice to run! Do you even know what kind of associate would be best for you? Should you recruit a general dentist who is there every day or a specialist who is only around a few times a month? Which would be best? Once we learn about your practice and long-term goals, our team will help you narrow your search so you’re able to find and hire the right candidate in no time.

Practice System Implementation

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Daily systems can make or break a practice. From billing to scheduling and everything in between, having the right systems in place as well as the team to implement them are extremely important to a practice’s ongoing success. With our on-site training program, one of our coaches will come to your office and personally make sure your practice is running at peak efficiency. Working directly with your team, they’ll help you come up with systems that ensure every aspect of your day-to-day operations is efficient and well-accounted for.

Strategic Practice Planning & Support

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Of course, when we partner with a dentist, we don’t want to just help them improve their practice this year—we want them to continue growing and thriving for many to come! To make sure this happens, your coach will help you put together a detailed plan that will focus on easily trackable numbers that will indicate your success. Along the way, you’ll receive monthly coaching calls and have access to all eight of our coaches so that we can ensure everything stays on track the whole time.