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Next Level Production In-Office Learning

Next Level Production - The Ultimate
Off-Site, In-Office Learning Experience

Dental practice consultant leading a group session

You’ve heard it said before: “If you want different results, do things differently.”

When it comes to running a successful dental practice, there are many who can tell you what to do differently, but few who will show you how. Sunrise Dental Solutions has developed the Ultimate Off-Site, In-Office Learning Experience. This is a one-of-a-kind event designed for the doctor and the team to see first-hand how an incredibly productive and profitable practice works by blending a culture of teamwork, leadership, and proven systems to create the efficient delivery of high level patient care.

An excellent example of outstanding practice profitability through outstanding teams implementing outstanding systems in the presence of outstanding leadership is the practice of Dr. John Phillips in Oklahoma, which is the site for this training. Dr. Phillips is quick to point out that all of these ingredients are within reach of any practice trained in and committed to their implementation.

The experience starts, prior to your visit, with a meeting between you and Dr. Phillips, where you will discover the goals of the event for you and your team. On the day of the visit, you’ll experience everything from the morning meeting to the end of the day. In-between, you and your team leaders will meet with respective members of the host practice to discuss the why’s and how’s of their highly productive daily schedule. After a full day, you’ll meet with Dr. Phillips, during which you’ll formulate a plan to take back to your office. The experience will be capped off with a follow-up meeting a month later.