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Optimal Dental Practice Transitions

Assistance and Guidance to Optimal
Dental Practice Transitions

Dental consultant and dentist reviewing data

It isn’t hard to build a case for every dentist having a well thought out exit strategy. That way, decision-making throughout their career will be shaped by that plan, in order for the outcome to best match their vision. Still, many dentists don’t have a clearly defined vision for their exit until they are ready to retire.

Whether that process is a walkaway sale, a sale to an associate who has become a partner, or some variation, exit strategies come in many forms. Within the last decade, more and more private practices have sold to dental service organizations (DSOs), with the former owner working as an employee of the DSO for a defined period of time afterwards. All of these strategies come with advantages and disadvantages, leaving the would-be seller to weigh the benefits of each.

The best strategies aren’t just about retirement, but a transition that positions the owner for an enjoyable and profitable final phase of their career where retirement is only a portion of the process. Optimal Dental Transitions with Dr. Navid Hadian is designed to take the confusion and stress out of deciding when and how to transition your dental career, identifying choices and making sense of them, preparing for and evaluating offers, and supporting you through the whole process from beginning to implementation.