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Practice Growth Through Guestology

Practice Growth & Prosperity Through
Guestology - The Patient-Centered Practice

Dentist and dental team member treating dentistry patient

The reasons a patient chooses a dentist are numerous, but the reasons that patients stay with a dentist, recommend one, and refer others to them most often involves the way they feel when they visit that dental office. If today’s consumer has the typical patient experience, then they will respond like a typical consumer, making their buying decisions based on expense, convenience, and the perceived hierarchy on their “want list.”

Guestology is the study of how to take care of guests. People who are treated as guests have an experience that goes beyond their clinical care. They are treated as family, and the practice becomes an extension of their family. The results are a place where price becomes irrelevant and the focus is on being the best part of a guest’s day instead of selling the patient what they need. Amazingly, profits increase as stress decreases.

Dr. Gary Imm has created GuestWise™, a team training process that takes just 10 minutes a day to create world-class guest experiences. It is fun and meaningful for the team and contains little to no cost to the practice. Teams using the system find guests can’t wait to come back, thus increasing their profits and the culture of the office as they focus on relationships instead of selling.