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Running a Small Business Efficiently Webinars

The Master Series - Webinars
For The Success-Driven Dentist

Woman in glasses watching webinar on her laptop

“Success-Driven” dentists are defined by their efforts to conquer the challenges most other dentists will not, no matter the cost in terms of time, expense, effort, comfort, or risk. This unquenchable drive applies to the pursuit of knowledge as well. These dentists realize that only through learning can they change, and only through change can they grow. They also realize that just as important as the pursuit of knowledge is choosing what to learn and who to learn from.

The Master Series of webinars was created with the Success-Driven dentist in mind. Unlike many so-called “educational” webinars marketed to dentists, the Master Series is not a sales webinar that happens to have a guest speaker, but a truly educational event hosted by another Success-Driven dentist, Dr. Matt VanderMolen, on timely topics. It also features guest presenters selected for their mastery of the chosen topic.