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The Business of Multiple Practice Ownership

Success with Multiple Practice Ownership

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Thinking of adding an additional location? This makes sense if your aim is to leverage your time and efforts, multiply production and income by a factor of the number of added operatories, take advantage of additional markets, add capacity when existing capacity is full, or just grow your group practice, all of which sounds great to the entrepreneurial-minded dentist owner. But is it as simple as finding another site and starting a practice just like your existing one?

Anyone who has done it will tell you “no” – there’s more to it than that. And anyone who has done it will tell you something else – they learned a lot during the process about how NOT to do it. Sunrise Dental Solutions was founded on the concept that successful practicing dentists should be coaching other dentists who want to learn from colleagues who have excelled at what they are seeking to do. That way, you know not only what to do, but what not to do before learning it the hard way. That saves you money, and the most valuable asset of all – time.

Dr. Steffany Mohan knows the business of multiple practice ownership inside and out. She knows the key leadership traits necessary from both the owner and the team. She understands how essential good communication systems are to the success of the venture. She understands how to select locations, choose doctors and team members, obtain financing, incorporate efficient systems, and how to make it all profitable. She knows how important being the super GP is, and how to make that happen. In short, Dr. Mohan is the coach for the owner who has or desires to have multiple practice locations.