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Gary Imm,

Dentist dream team member Gary Imm DDS

Dr. Imm has been committed to providing outstanding dental care to patients in need for well over three decades now, formulating a unique vision of exceptional customer service that has been central to his practice, All Smiles Care. His amazing success is centered around the concept of Guestology – simply put, he and his team members treat and view all patients as honored guests, and in turn, every visitor at All Smiles Care can truly feel the difference.

Dr. Imm’s comprehensive, fee-for-service practice is currently one of the most successful dental offices in the United States by any metric, which is especially impressive in this time of consumers prioritizing low costs. He is always happy to pass on the tenets of Guestology to likeminded dentists and teams through featured speaking engagements, teaching modules, and one-on-one consulting through Sunrise Dental Solutions.