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Dental Practice Consultant

How Our Process Works

Three dental team members laughing together in dental office

The difference when you partner with Sunrise Dental Solutions is that we don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” approach. What might work for one practice may not be right for you. That’s why we start each partnership with this question, “What do you want?”. Once that is determined, an in-depth analysis of every system in the practice is performed, and customized plan is developed. Using our decades of experience, proven strategies, and your constant input, we’ll put together the perfect plan and implement it in a way that will never slow you down.

In-Depth Analysis

Two dental practice consultants reviewing client numbers

How is your practice doing? What are the ways it could be performing better? These are big questions, and to find the answers, we look at every little detail. How is your team answering the phone? What are your wait times like? Are you getting positive reviews? Do your systems make billing easy or a time-consuming nightmare? Our team will analyze your practice from top to bottom so that we can maximize your productivity and profit in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Input From All 7 Dream Team Coaches

The Sunrise Dental Solutions dream team of consultants

When it comes to taking your career to the next level, eight heads are better than one! Throughout your process with us, you’ll have open access to our Dream Team of dental-coaches, all of which are still running successful practices today! Each one has decades of experience and uses the latest techniques and systems in the field, ensuring that you’ll get up-to-the-minute advice whenever you have a question or need help with a specific issue.

We Match You with Your Ideal Coach

Dentist and dental consultant coach talking

Are you trying to start a practice from scratch? Expand your current one? Bring on an associate? If so, then we have the perfect coach for you. Based on your practice analysis, goals, and personality, we’ll pair you with a head coach who will serve as your guide throughout your partnership with SDS. They’ll work to understand your practice just as well as you do, and they’ll tailor your counseling every step of the way so you’ll enjoy maximum benefit.

1-on-1 Help

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Seminars are great, but nothing beats individual attention. That’s why when one of our coaches is helping you, they are only helping you—you won’t find yourself in a room with 50 other dentists and be forced to wait to ask a question. As soon as you need something, your coach will be able to provide it, and this approach will also enable them to learn everything they can about your practice so no detail is missed when it comes to making it better.

Measurable Progress Through Each Phase of Your Plan

Dentist in office at his desk

At SDS, we’re all about the numbers. To us, they are proof that what we’re doing is working. Everything from increasing the number of new patients you see every month to lowering your outstanding accounts will all be a part of our plan, and we’ll use this data to show you how we’re improving your practice week to week and month to month. With us, there will be no question as to how we’re helping you—you’ll be able to see it in black in white right in front of your eyes!