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Dental Coaching Program—Lexington, KY

Who We Are

Sunrise Dental Solutions is dental practice optimization company that utilizes coaching, training, and networking to assist our dental practice owner clients achieve their practice and business vision. The company was started in 2005 by Dr. Tony Feck in response to a void in the Dental Practice Management Industry of companies that were owned and primarily operated by existing successful dental practice owners. Since its inception, SDS has grown to represent some of the most successful dental practice owners in the United States.

What We Do

In a nutshell, SDS makes millionaires. Most of its clients are in the “Seven Club”, a group within SDS of practice owners who take home over a million dollars per year from their practices. Everyone else in SDS who is not in the Seven Club is on their way to the Seven Club.

How We Do It

SDS accomplishes this by taking Dental Practices from Good to Great, and from Great to Rarefied Air status. Because of this, they only work with practices that are at least good with a desire to be great. They elevate a practice through coaching, training, and networking.


Sunrise Dental Solutions is first and foremost a coaching company. They coach practice owners to become the best version of themselves, extracting the full potential of each client and their business. This requires two things: A coachable client and the right coach. The right coach has two essential qualities: Knowledge and Experience.

Every coaching relationship starts with the client’s vision. SDS coaches do not take a “cookiecutter” approach. Once they know where the client wants to go, the analytical team at SDS gathers data to assess the client’s current position so that a detailed plan can be developed to connect those two points. Coaches then guide clients toward solutions to their challenges, monitoring their progress and holding them accountable along the way, with the right amount of individualized encouragement and motivation.


SDS trainers, like SDS coaches, walk their talk from their own ultra-successful practices and receive in-depth training as educators of what they teach. Training occurs both on-site and remotely in the Seven Essential Building Blocks of the Prosperous Dental Practice:

  • Goal Setting from a detailed budget and measuring performance and progress toward goals with proprietary monthly assessment reports.
  • Production Systems that result in a productive schedule including goal-focused scheduling, productive treatment mix, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, high rate of case acceptance, appropriate fees, clinical efficiency, and facility maximization and planning.
  • Financial Systems that increase collection rate including financial arrangements, payment in advance, PPO analysis and exit strategies, delinquent account control, and insurance administration.
  • Growth Systems that increase both the quantity as well as the quality of new patients entering the practice. This includes a detailed marketing plan for both internal and external sources, handling incoming and outgoing communications, and mastering the over-the-top patient experience.
  • Profitability Systems including overhead control and managing adjustments.
  • Leadership, Building a Great Team and Culture including assessment of team needs, job descriptions, recruitment, team building and retention, team communication, and performance evaluations.
  • Transition Planning & Systems including associate planning, recruitment, selection, and implementation, and the sale of the practice ranging from the walkaway sale to the gradual sale to an associate(s), to formation of a DSO-like structure where the practice owner sales portions or all the practice to associates and forms a separate management entity separate from the clinical portion.


SDS believes strongly in the principle that you become who you associate with. Sunrise Dental Solutions is a community of like-minded individuals in pursuit of big, ambitious dreams. The SDS network lifts all its members through the relationships formed in meetings, through visiting other member’s offices, and through participating in Mastermind Groups.

The Sunrise Dental Solutions Summit is held each year at a splendid resort to educate, celebrate, and motivate its membership. For more information on how to become a Sunrise Dental Solutions member or Corporate Sponsor, call 1-800 750-0737.